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Membership to Ilankai Tamil Sangam is open to anyone interested in the welfare of the Tamils of Eelam.  
Members of the Association shall consist of:
1). Ordinary Members - Ordinary memberships shall be confined

to Sri Lankan Tamils residents in Western Australia.
2). Associate Members - Associate membership shall be confined to

tamils presently residing in Australia.
    Ordinary members shall have voting rights.

Definition of a Sri Lankan Tamil:
A Sri Lankan Tamil is one who accepts the Tamil language as his/her mother tongue, and whose forefathers hailed from Sri Lanka.

To apply for membership or to update existing membership details online, Click Here

To apply for membership by post, print out the Sangam membership application form (PDF) and mail it to the address on the form

Please refer to the sections below for and the amount payable and payment options.

Choose Your Membership Plan