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About Us

Who We Are

Ilankai Tamil Sangam of WA is an association of Tamils from the island of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) who migrated to Australia and now residing in Western Australia.

The main objectives of this association are to assist in all manner possible persons who are Sri Lankan Tamils presently resident in Western Australia and also to determine and represent the interests of such Srilankan Tamils to the relevant authorities in Australia and the rest of the world.

We conduct programs on various subjects starting from Cultural activities to team building activities. Ilankai Tamil Sangam work towards acting as a true representation of Sri Lankan tamils in Western Australia and to exhibit the culture of Sri Lankan tamil to people of own & other culture. 

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The Sangam’s objectives are:

  • To assist in all manner possible persons who are Sri Lankan Tamils presently resident in Western Australia;   

  • To determine and represent the interests of such Sri Lankan Tamils to the relevant authorities in Australia and rest of the world, if need be;  

  • To actively follow and affiliate with other Sri Lankan Tamil societies, whose objects are in accord with the objects of this Association;    

  • To encourage and facilitate the provision of any assistance to be rendered to any Sri Lankan Tamil in Western Australia by running a counselling and advice service;   

  • To encourage and promote co-operation between the Associations and other organisations with similar or related interests.   

  • To take all measures to rehabilitate Sri Lankan Tamils within and outside Sri Lanka, who had undergone immense difficulty after July 1983, in many instances rendered homeless and become refugees with no organizations or body to render them help and security.   

  • To assist, encourage, participate in and undertake those activities which promote the welfare, social, culture and educational interests of members;   

  • To do all such things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.   

Minutes of Meeting

Financial Reports

Our Mission

To Promote Tamil Culture, Customs, language, and traditions. To promote literature, art, drama, and music (muthamil). To promote relationships with all functional Tamil Associations across Australia

Our Vision

To bring together all Ilankai Tamil-speaking people living in Western Australia. To promote and foster understanding, friendship, goodwill, and appreciation between Tamil Speaking communities and cross-sections of various other communities of Western Australia. Facilitate the development and exchange of our language, culture, and traditions.

Management Committee members


Rama Somasunderam

Humanitarian works


Dr Baskaranathan

Health and Wellbeing


Samuel Sinthujan

Cultural and Events coordination


Sanjeevkumar Sayhanesan




Assistant Secretary


Arulpiragasam Sivapiragasam



Pratheesan Kanthasamy

Assistant Treasurer

Past committee members


Pushpakumar Arunasalam


Dr Cynthia Asokananthan


Ranging Kugan


Thanigaipalan Thanigasalam




Kogilan Aingaran

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